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Today`s Thoughts

Travel Tips

There are many magazines out there these days that give tips for travelers. Today we hear the Lord’s rules of the road for our spiritual journey. In the Gospel, they apply to the work of His disciples. But they are OF MORE than just historic interest. They apply, really, to every Christian’s journey and to […]

The Good Shepherd

We have heard about the Good Shepherd so often that maybe we begin to lose the power of this image of Jesus. Throughout all of history, raising sheep has been a big business. It was a central part of economic life in the Middle East similar to the auto industry is in our culture today. […]

The Stone Was Rolled Away!

Sometimes in the gospel, there is a single detail that tells the whole story. There is such a detail in this evening’s gospel that cuts right to the heart of Easter and it is this…the stone was rolled away! The resurrection means that the huge stone that separated the human race from God, the stone […]