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Prayers Answered

Friends of Saint Jude Charitable Trust



Stories of what we've done and who we've helped. 

If Friends of Saint Jude has answered your prayer or if you have a prayer we could help answer, please contact us to share your story. 

A New Crib

Katrina received the gift you sent from Friends of Saint Jude and was just overwhelmed! It was generous, kind and we are both so thankful for it. As soon as she opened it and saw the amount she started to cry. What a wonderful blessing. She knew she would have money to get Leo's crib and it was a good day. She ordered it online and it should be coming possibly tomorrow. We are hoping to have him home by the week's end.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and can't wait to get little Leo in his new crib.

Many blessings to you and yours,
Julie F."

A Donation to Russell House

"Dear Douglas and Mignon,

On behalf of the women and children who find safety, healing and hope at Russell House, thank you for your generous donation. Your contribution works to make sure that women who are suffering from abuse are able to gain access to the services they need to become survivors.

Thanks to donors like you last year more than 2,343 survivors received life-saving, life changing services as residents at the Russell House and in our outreach offices in Salem, Steelville and Vienna. Support for these women and children is only possible because of the generosity and commitment from donors like you who care about the health and well-being of our sisters, daughters, nieces, aunts, grandmothers and friends.

Your gift will help us further this work and advance our common vision of ensuring peace, equality and dignity for all women.

With best regards,
Russell House Executive Director"

Aid to a Growing Community Organization

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hemke, 

Thank you so much for the incredible donation. I was blown away when I opened the envelope. I will send an official announcement, but wanted to get this out quickly to thank you! 

This program has expanded from our 14 bags to now over 430! We don't accept any government funding and have been truly blessed by people and organizations in and around this area. Thank you so, so much!

Warmest regards, 

Faith B."

Saint Jude Thrift | Kansas City, MO

The Only Retail Outlet Anywhere Where Shoplifting Was Not a Crime!



In 2009 Friends of Saint Jude opened a thrift store and food pantry in North Kansas City. Saint Jude Thrift was a 3000 square foot retail operation located at 72nd and North Oak. We were unique in that we were a "need it, take it operation; the only retail outlet anywhere where shoplifting was not a crime! Saint Jude Thrift also ran a twice monthly food pantry out of the same location which served over 100 families on a regular basis. SJT operated on a unique business model...pay what you can, but if you need it, take it.  We were geared to never make a profit, in business solely to help those who had nowhere else to turn for life's necessities. Saint Jude Thrift was open for three years and closed shortly after Doug Hemke moved to Rolla, MO in the Fall of 2012. Saint Jude Thrift served and helped thousands of people, no questions asked.

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