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Who We Are

Doug Hemke

Doug Hemke
Friends of Saint Jude Charitable Trust

How We Started

My wife, Mignon and I started the Friends of Saint Jude Charitable Foundation Trust in 1997. Our intention was to create a tax-exempt entity that would allow us to directly contribute to any just cause without delay or dilution. We wanted a means, a vehicle if you will, by which we could reach out as needed and assist any person, family, organization or community seeking assistance. Being  just the two of us, there were no committees, no expenses and no outside considerations to hold us back.

As the years went by, others became aware of our direct, cost efficient approach and a number of nationally known corporations and individuals began to join our effort unsolicited. As a result, we have come to the aid of many otherwise hopeless causes over the years and have positively impacted the lives of so many who had exhausted other avenues of hope. Today, we operate the Friends of Saint Jude Trust much like we did in 1997, with quick response and very few administrative expenses. We have an investment account that supplements the majority of our costs and as a result, almost all of everything that comes into FOSJ goes out to those who need it. As you would expect, but it never hurts to say it: all contributions to the Trust are tax deductible.


“I believe that God often acts through us, people like you and me, in answering the prayers of others.”



Why Saint Jude, What’s His Deal?

Aside from a 30+ year career in business, mostly entrepreneurial in media, advertising and financial services, I am also an ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church. Since childhood, I have prayed to Saint Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes, seeking his urgent intercession. It seemed like the older I got, the more urgent and hopeless my causes became! In life, Saint Jude was a disciple of Jesus Christ, an original Apostle, who died a martyr’s death. Today, he continues to intercede on behalf of those asking for his help . I don’t know exactly just how prayer works, but I can tell you that the majority of times when I have prayed to St Jude, my prayers have been answered. Through this Trust, we help to answer the prayers of those in urgent need in the name of Saint Jude.  I believe that God often acts through us, people like you and me, in answering the prayers of others. From our perspective, whether it’s something as small as building a wheel chair ramp, as large as remodeling an orphanage or as immediate as a local emergency or natural disaster, Friends of Saint Jude is always ready to go.


Our Mission

Friends of Saint Jude is a faith based, 501(c)(3) charitable foundation trust which serves the urgent needs of individuals, families and organizations across the United States.

We offer hope where hope is in short supply, resources to those seeking direction and relief to those overwhelmed by need.

We are transparent, responsible and faithful stewards of our benefactors’ support consistent with the compassion and teachings of Jesus Christ.



Let’s Talk

I’m willing to go most anywhere for the opportunity to tell the FOSJ story. I will gladly travel to meet with corporate officials, civic organizations or potential donors. Likewise, if you have a cause that you would like to discuss and have us evaluate, please contact me directly.


Thank you for your consideration,


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